Polka dot birthday cake.

I’m going to be pretty busy with work this weekend and won’t be cooking. I know, I’m so lazy! But there was a recipe I really wanted to share for you all this weekend. My son’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and I decided to do a polka dot birthday cake that I saw a picture tutorial for on Pinterest. The cake looks awesome, and the best part was that it was relatively easy to make. Here is the original picture tutorial that I saw on Pinterest.


I didn’t bake the whole cake from scratch. Baking and decorating a cake is a lot of fucking work. With all the other crap I had to do in order to prepare for my son’s party, I decided to opt for boxed cake mix and pre made frosting. To see the complete tutorial on Once Upon a Pedestal, go here.

As I said before, this was really easy to make, so do not feel intimidated! It is a little time consuming, but you’ll love it if you take the time out to do it, and it is a huge crowd pleaser!

This is how my cake came out!







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