Easter brunch, yo!

Easter is coming up, hooray! I’ve always been a huge fan of Easter. Decorating eggs, hunting said eggs, and lots of good food with family. I love it so much, that when I was five I set up a trap to try to catch the Easter bunny.


This year we have decided to do an Easter breakfast, because we will be open for business that day. On the menu I’ve got overnight cinnamon rolls, citrus glazed bacon, holiday brunch bake, and a fruit tart. Warning: this is kind of a lazy post. I’ve got a lot to do today, so I’m going to link you all to these recipes. But on Sunday morning as I make these recipes, I’ll write a full post including any adjustments I’ve decided to make, and pictures!

I’ve decided to do a kick ass cinnamon roll recipe, because there’s nothing better than completely home-made cinnamon rolls. Yeah, I could save myself a lot of time and buy the Pillsbury kind, but they don’t taste as good. Plus opening the packages terrifies me, and I don’t like that! I found this recipe on Food Network, and you can get the recipe here.

My family and I love bacon. How could you not? It’s friggin’ delicious. I wanted to do something a little unconventional with the bacon for our Easter breakfast, and I quickly decided that the citrus glazed bacon was the way to go when I saw it on Martha Stewart’s website. Look at this bacon… LOOK AT IT!



I’ve never heard of a holiday brunch bake, but when I saw this recipe on Delish, I knew I wanted to make it. It’s basically breakfast pie. I mean, come on…. Breakfast in a pie crust? Effing yum!



The fruit tart is a Paula “Type 2” Dean recipe. Any recipe with her name slapped on it sounds pretty fucking good to me. You can find the recipe for it here.

Check back for pictures of all this delicious food I plan to make!



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