Deviled egg salad

I know all of you with children probably have a crap load of hard-boiled eggs at home! Well, except for those  out there whose poor kid has an egg allergy. Bummer.

I love egg salad. Maybe love isn’t strong enough of a word. I love egg salad so much I’m surprised I don’t lay eggs post easter instead of taking the usual crap. Last year I decided to amp up the way I make egg salad. The standard egg and Mayonnaise really began to bore me. And so I came up with this gem of a recipe for deviled egg salad. I hope you enjoy!



  • Three hard-boiled eggs, peeled. 
  • One tablespoon mayonnaise.
  • Half teaspoon yellow mustard.
  • Half teaspoon dry ranch dressing seasoning.
  • Dash of salt and pepper.

Take two of your hard-boiled eggs and put them in a bowl. For the third hard-boiled egg, chuck the white in the trash(or feed it to your mutts) and put the yolk in the bowl along with the other eggs. This egg salad recipe is best extra yolky! Crumble the eggs with the fork, and mix in the mayonnaise, mustard, ranch reasoning, salt and pepper. Serve!

Mmmmmm. Eggselent!


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