Public displays of shitty parenting.

Yesterday we celebrated my brother’s 13th birthday by going to a family fun place called “Funtasticks”. They’ve got laser tag, mini golf, go carts, and a bunch of little kid rides my son was one fucking inch too short to ride(ggrr).

When we arrived, I headed straight to the bathroom with my son as we had a two-hour car ride to Tucson in order to go there, and his diaper was about as full as it was going to get. You would have thought his jeans were a couple of sizes too small, that’s how fat that diaper was. When we got into the bathroom, there was a very pregnant woman standing against the wall, and her two young girls in a stall. Kylan and I went into the stall to change his diaper(he’s terrified of changing tables in foreign bathrooms), and I heard her younger girl saying she was unable to use the bathroom. This wouldn’t seem like a big deal, but her mother said to her, “Are you serious?! That’s it, I’m so mad at you. I don’t want to look at you. Put your face in the corner while your sister uses the potty like a good girl does”. She said this in a very nasty manner, and I was in complete disbelief. I said to my son, loud enough for her to hear, “Don’t worry sweetie, mommy would never talk to you like that”. And after they left the bathroom, the public display of shitty parenting continued as she made her daughter stand with her face in the corner as the rest of the family ate pizza.

Okay, so it was 85 degrees outside, and the woman looked like she was about to pop. And yes, on top of that she has to chase around two kids. But it appalls me the way it is so easy for some parents to be mean to their kids. News flash you fucking idiots, being mean to your children is only teaching them to be mean people themselves. How do you think they’re going to grow up to treat other people, when you can so effortlessly be mean to your own children that you love and cherish? Not to mention it’s fucking ridiculous to get so mad at a three-year old because she can’t go to the bathroom on command. The human bladder doesn’t work that way. How would you like it if your doctor put you in labor and delivery, commanded you to push that baby out of your vag, and if you couldn’t made you put your face in the corner? I’d imagine you’d be pretty pissed, yeah?

It’s basic fucking parenting that you lead by example. If you want your children to grow up to be nice people, you need to be nice to them. And since when does being mean produce results anyway? I’m going to take a wild guess and say that she yells at and spanks her children, and despite her amazing discipline, they are still spoiled ass brats.


Somebody please take that woman to the shelter and have her spayed.

All we can do when we see public displays of shitty parenting is to promise ourselves, and our children, that we will be different from the rest of the world. We will teach our children kindness by being kind to them. We will teach them patience by not becoming frustrated with them. We will teach them to be calm by not losing our cool with them. People constantly rant about what’s wrong with the world. Murder, rape, war, greed… yes, those things are part of what makes the world so ugly. But it all starts with how we raise our children. How the hell can we expect to bring our children into a better world, when we aren’t even willing to make the world better by raising them to be good people?


2 thoughts on “Public displays of shitty parenting.

    • You know, whenever I see children that display nasty behavior, it’s clearly a reflection of their parents. To me it’s so plain as day that the person your children see you as, is the same person they will grow up to be. But most people are so blind to it. Idiots…

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