Idiots that shame their cats.

I know that everyone loves cat shaming pictures. I’ll admit, some of them are pretty funny. But most of the time these cat owners are just effing idiots! I mean, do you know absolutely NOTHING about cats?! These cats should be shaming their humans….


Who the fuck puts their bikes in the house? Cats scratch. It’s how they keep their claws trim. Get a freaking cat tree for them to scratch so you don’t continue to waste money on tires for the bikes you insist on storing indoors!



By the looks of your home, I’m guessing you leave your “clean” clothes lying around. Try using a fucking dresser!



There’s a reason. Clean the fucking cat box. Would you want to poop in a box that filled to the brim with shit already? No?

xhilarious-cat-funny-photos-cat-shaming20.jpg.pagespeed.ic.cxDl6K_m4o (1)

Excuse me… is there something wrong with my eyes or does that seriously say there was a SIXTEEN INCH TAPEWORM IN YOUR CAT?! Try taking your cat to the vet every once in a while, holy shit!



What kind of idiot leaves $300 lying around? I’m assuming it was left lying around, since most cats can’t open wallets. I do not feel sorry for you.



What the FUCK is up with this cat’s face??? When a cat pees on everything, including you, and likes to fuck wash clothes and shoes…. it’s because they are marking you as theirs and telling you that they want to make babies. Get this effing cat neutered. It will steal the crazy right out of him.


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