Obsessed with peanuts

My two year old is your typical man; when he falls in love with something, that’s literally all he wants. I do not look forward to the day he meets Palmela Anderson, good lord… Anyway, he recently discovered that peanuts are amazing. And it’s all he wants to eat. Seriously. I’ve heard the words peanuts please more times in the last several days than I care to admit.

At first I was like okay, if he loves them so much, he can eat them all he wants with his other meals. I was fine with it, until approximately 12 hours later when he took the most disgusting shit in the universe. I mean it was like rotten peanut butter. Chunky peanut butter. I bet that gave you a pretty awesome visual didn’t it? Now every time I open that god forsaken can of peanuts I gag, because all I can smell is peanut poop. PEANUT POOP.

How do you tell your two-year old they have an addiction problem? Is there such a thing as peanut rehab? There should be. If there was, we’d be on the next flight to Florida(from all the intervention episodes I’ve seen, most rehab centers are in Florida).

This kid has eaten so many peanuts in the last week, I’m surprised he hasn’t given birth to Mr. Peanut.



2 thoughts on “Obsessed with peanuts

  1. My two year has the same inclination toward pickles! Changing pickle poop diapers is THE WORST! I gotta admit that sometimes I tell her we dont have anymore pickles & give her yogurt instead lol

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