The best business opportunity of my life.

One goal of this blog is to not only share my cooking journey with the world, but to also share my life with the world. I feel like a woman of many hats, as they say. I graduated high school halfway into my junior year(I’m fucking awesome like that), and instead of going to college, I decided to live my life to see where it would take me. Some would say this was a stupid move… When I was in high school, teachers and guidance counselors really pushed going to college. They didn’t care what you went for, as long as you went. Because having a degree means something. It means your educated, it means a career. But even at the age of 17, I knew that was bull shit. And my opinion on that was confirmed several years later when many people I knew went to college, spent what may have been a million fucking dollars, and were having a hard time finding a job with their degree. But anyway, I’ve done many different things since I graduated from high school. I’ve been in customer service, a manager at a clothing store, a pizza delivery driver, a body piercer, etc.

Shortly before I found out I was pregnant, I lost my job. When I got my positive pregnancy test, I was happy, but at the same time I was freaking out on the inside(and outside), because I had no effing job! Who the hell wants to hire a pregnant woman??? This became my first reason for moving back into my mother’s house. I was pregnant, and had no job. Lovely! I started looking for a job, and it was rough. Although I didn’t put in my resume that I was recently knocked up, the pickins were very slim for jobs. The economy was in bad shape, and there just wasn’t much of anything that I could apply for.

At the time, my mother and her then husband were both working as delivery drivers for Domino’s. Yep, we were a pizza delivering family! They were both becoming sick of their jobs there, to the point where they hated going into work. One major downfall to working at a restaurant, is if your manager sucks at being a manager, you get a lot of high-school-bullshit-drama going around the entire place.

It was at that time that my mother had the most amazing idea. Why not open a food delivery service? We would deliver food from local restaurants, and we would deliver it to the soldiers on the military base we live near. It was a perfect idea, because there are boatloads of soldiers on the military base that don’t have cars, and can only leave the base on the weekends. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Four months into my pregnancy, we opened for business. My mother and then husband were the delivery drivers, and I took all the customer orders. We have been open for almost three years.


I fucking love my job. I work from home, and this has allowed me to stay at home with my son since the day he was born. I also get paid well, so as long as business is good(it usually is), I get some pretty decent paychecks. I also love (most)of my customers. I have a lot of respect for our soldiers, and I love being able to provide them with a service they truly appreciate. My job is hard, and I work hard to get everything done. My job goes so far beyond taking customer orders. I have to call the restaurants, email the customers who’ve placed an online order, give the orders to the delivery drivers, take care of payroll at the end of each week, etc. And because I DO work at home, I gotta wrangle a crazy ass toddler while I work. But thankfully I have been blessed with a pretty well-behaved child. Rarely do customers hear him whining on the other end of the line, and he is usually off doing his own thing while mommy gets her work done.

The reason this was the best opportunity of my life is because being self-employed is fucking amazing. There is so much stress involved with working under someone. You have to deal with those fuckwads that don’t know how to run a business, and are on a power trip. You have to deal with twat waffle coworkers that you can’t stand because they are anything besides competent. My bosses include myself, and my mother. And she is pretty much the greatest boss I’ve ever had, and not just because she’s my mother. She knows how to run her business, and she gives a level of customer service that is so far above par. Another reason this was such an amazing opportunity for me, is because it allows me to work AND be at home with my son. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing that is, and how blessed I feel to be able to do that. And lastly, it’s an amazing opportunity because I can pay all of my bills, and take care of my son. Not stressing about bills is pretty much the best feeling ever.

Anybody can start their own business, my mother and her idea is proof of that. We were not wealthy people with a whole lot of money to put into starting up this business. My mother didn’t go to business school. We just had a lot of experience in the restaurant and delivery business, and we didn’t need money or business degrees to do this. If you want to start your own business, do it!! It’s such a freeing experience, and the confidence you gain from it is completely priceless.


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