Drink wars.


I swear, my son is going to succumb to dehydration if he can’t learn that mommy fucking hates the way he treats his drinks! He used to be so good with his cup of milk, water, or juice(yes, I give my child the devil’s nectar). He would sit there, sip on what he had until he was finished, and would carry on with his toddler business. Not anymore.

Now, he takes a few sips of whatever he’s got, and dumps the rest on the floor, his toys, the pets, me….whatever is nearest by. And it drives me FUCKING INSANE. I tried putting him in his high chair with his cup. He disapproved(as he now eats at a big kids table, not his high chair) and threw it across the room. Then I tried enforcing a new rule of having to sit at the table with his cup. He disapproved and threw it across the room. I tried switching his cups, from the take and toss cups to a sippy-cup. He disapproved yet again, unscrewed the top and dumped it on the floor.

I wish I could take a trip into his toddler psyche, so I could figure out his motivation behind taking a few sips of his drink and using the rest to decorate the house. I’m pretty sure it’s because he wants me to go completely grey by my 30th birthday or something.

I mean how the hell do you discipline in this situation? It’s not like I can ban drinks, the boy would die of dehydration. All I know is, I’m tired of the constant mopping! I keep telling myself it’s just a phase. Among all his other phases I’ve convinced myself he’s going through to keep myself from going insane.


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