How funky is your chicken?

Lots of people these days, especially those with families, are on a budget it seems when it comes to what’s cooked for family meals. What’s frustrating, to me, is when I’m looking for recipes online and it feels like all I can find are recipes with expensive ingredients, or ingredients I’m just not going to use for much of anything else. Pork tenderloin, beef filets, fancy ass cheeses and fresh herbs can all be pretty fucking expensive! One ingredient that is not expensive, however, is chicken! But with chicken, you can find yourself making the same dishes over, and over again.

I really love chicken, and recently I’ve been on a mission to try new and tasty things with it. I’ve found and tried some really fantastic recipes for chicken, and I wanted to share them here 🙂


Cheddar Jalapeno chicken burgers with guacamole. I made these last week, and they were so delicious! I found the original recipe on What’s Gaby Cooking, but I made some changes to it, and included my own guacamole recipe. My recipe can be found here 🙂


Baked chicken stuffed with pesto and cheese. I really love stuffed chicken breasts. It’s easy to do, there are so many options, not to mention it’s fucking delicious. This particular recipe is looking great to me because I love pesto, and I love cheese. You can find this recipe on Food To Cook.


Fried chicken FTW! Fried chicken is not only a classic and a family favorite, but it’s a definite indulgence. It’s crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside! Problem is, there are so many fried chicken recipes online and it’s hard to find a truly good one. But I turned to Martha Stewart for this one.


Honey-lime chicken skewers. I am making this tonight! A few weeks ago I basted a roasted chicken with a honey glaze, and it was so good! I think the combination of honey and lime sounds divine. This recipe can be found on Kitchen Meets Girl.


Chicken Parmesan meatballs. I love meatballs. I love chicken. Chicken meatballs stuffed with cheese? Fuck me sideways. These look really easy to make, and they look effing delicious to boot! Thank you Recipe By Photo for this one!


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