The dark side of the sea otter

I’ve always loved sea otters. When I was a child, we would stand by the docks on the beach and watch them roll around in the water, being all cute, adorable and furry. When we go to the zoo, seeing the sea otters in their habitat is my favorite… they go down their little water slide, play with each other, and ham it up for the crowd. But there is something about sea otters you don’t know. They have a dark side. A dark side so disturbing, I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry at my lost innocence.

Sea otters are rapists. RAPISTS!! Not only do they rape each other, but they rape baby seals. BABY FREAKING SEALS! And they kill them in the process. So they are murderers as well. These cute, furry, fun little creatures are baby seal raping murderers. According to an article on The Discovery Channel, male otters that are pushed out of other groups where other male sea otters are dominant. They are sexually frustrated, and so they rape and kill baby sea otters. Lovely. And PETA says people are evil? Wild animals are pretty evil too, apparently….


Thank you, Discover Channel, for ruining the way I feel about the sea otter.



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